About Us

Who We Are

Penda Capital is an impact-driven organization/social impact enterprise which offers financial services with a core emphasis on women and youth entrepreneurs. Our focus is on women who wish to start businesses, those running businesses, as well as those who wish to tap into new markets.

Our aim is to be a force for equitable economic growth particularly for women and youth. We aim to create value for the youth who are 18+ years old and have a keen interest in entrepreneurship.

We partner with local and International Development Organizations to provide financial services through financial Literacy, Consulting and Research, Enterprise Development, and microfinance services all in one pack.


To be the preferred partner for creating financially sound and empowered businesses.


To transform businesses and entrepreneurs through financial education, research, enterprise development and tailored financial products.

Our Impact


FINANCIAL Trainings Conducted

Group and Individual financial literacy sessions held.



Number of women empowered  through our programs.



Number of youth empowered  through our programs.

Our Driving Force

IFC research shows that women entrepreneurs in emerging markets face a daunting gender finance gap with only 11% of enterprises that actually attain seed funding being female-led.

Starting and growing a business is one of the most powerful tools for women to overcome poverty and build better lives for themselves, their families, and their communities.