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We create opportunities for individual and organisational growth .

We believe in an integrated and comprehensive approach to financial inclusion as a way of growing entrepreneurs.

"We empower our clients with business development tools and financing that will enable them to start and sustain their entrepreneurial journey."

Our Services
Financial Literacy

Financial literacy is a basic need for everyone, be it children, women, youth & retirees. We empower you to take charge of your finances / we can help you be a better manager of your funds


We can help you build strategic plans, marketing concepts, and feasibility studies.


We empower our clients with strategic business development services like designing a business model canvass, and incubation.


We are passionate about seed loans & tailoring products in energy, climate, growth, and working capital.

What We Do

Through harnessing our knowledge, people and their wealth of experience, Penda capital offers a strong value proposition through four key offerings, focused on helping small businesses on their growth journey.

Client Testimonials

"Before I came to Penda Capital, my target markets were university students, however with the counsel, I got from Andrew Muhwezi, Founder of Penda Capital, I realized that the urban women, and newlyweds would be the ideal fit for Bel Deluxe. This was a good road map for me, I could now know how much I can spend and invest on each set of sleep wear whether it is an individual or family package to avoid under pricing."

belinda ESAETE
ceo, bel deluxe

1-0n-1 Financial Mentoring

At Penda Capital, our highly trained financial management mentors work with clients to set achievable goals, create individualized action plans, and build wealth for the future.

Our mentors also serve as an accountability partner to help you monitor your progress towards reaching your set goals. Let’s work together!

Personal Finance Session Survey

The survey covers a mixture of attitudes and knowledge as well as capturing behavior relating to topics such as money management, and planning for short term and longer term financial goals.

It is specifically designed to be applicable across people of different age, education and income levels as well as markets with different levels of financial inclusion.

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A number of people wish to live a debt-free life and yet every passing day, they sink deeper and deeper into debt. It might appear impossible, but we have seen people succeed in living their entire lives without any debt.
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Financial inclusion is more critical than ever, and it can make all the difference for people in need of financial services. We are working with both our local and international partners to quickly adapt and respond to this challenge so they can offer the best solutions to help women and youth to stay financially resilient during this unprecedented time.

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