Our Services

Financial Literacy

Financial literacy has increasingly become an essential component of financial reform all over the world and more so in developing countries like Uganda, where according to the World Bank collection of development indicators, Uganda’s Gross domestic savings stood at 19.68%

Our work focuses on disseminating appropriate financial knowledge to women and the youth so that they can build their entrepreneurial capacity and become profitable, competitive, and sustainable players in the economy. We do this through boot camp trainings, personal finance, coaching, mentoring, and advisory among other avenues.


Penda Capital provides strategic consulting services covering Personal Finance Advisory, Fund Management, Project Management, SACCO fund management. We are able to support individuals and SMEs ideate, manage and operationalize their projects through personalized one on consultations, deployment of trained project managers to manage the project and tapping into the wealth of financial experience from our development partners to provide services to its target clientele.

Entrepreneurship Development

Penda Capital empowers its clients with strategic business development services such as developing value propositions, Product development services, Organisational development strategies, Human resource strategies and more. Our clientele includes start-ups, youth and women entrepreneurs, corporate companies.


Penda Capital offers affordable seed loans as well as working and growth capital. By focusing on a customer base of high-growth businesses with strong business plans and organisational structure, Penda Capital is able to provide financial services to small businesses to boost economic growth. Microfinance lending coupled with providing financial literacy services is Penda Capital’s way of building a strong value chain for the business by creating a financially literate customer base.